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Spring Buds


March 23, 2022

We of Iscantik celebrate March 23rd as "Renewing Day". As spring time begins and nature seeks to renew its growth, we take this day to renew ourselves with acts of conviction. 
Chose your own ideation to re-invest yourself in and share your renewed conviction with others.

Red Fireworks


June 29, 2022

We of Iscantik honor the day of June 29th, as a time of personal release. The Release is signified as an opportunity to unburden ourselves of inner strife. Observers of The Release may find growth through confession, accusation, or merely performing a primal scream.



September 22,2021

We of Iscantik celebrate Heart Harvest on September 22nd.
It is on this day that you should be prepared to ask yourself two questions:
Am I a better me than I was this time last year?
How can I make a better me over the next year?

Triumphant Hiker


January 14, 2022

We of Iscantik observe January 14th as the most meaningful of days. Not only do we celebrate the Life of The Wanderer; we also celebrate each and every individual who has become Iscantik.

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