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Groupspeak: Do not submit

Iscantik beliefs are centered around the individual and that individual's specific journey. Whether you are of the LGBTQ+ community or belong to a very conservative Christian community; you are surrounded by people who are trying to convince you what should be praised and what should be condemned. However, that is pressure that ultimately results in external conflicts. Conflicts that create anger, fear, and violence. The focus should be on the internal conflicts that we have. Conflicts that keep us from believing in ourselves.

When people stop acting according to "groupspeak" and start thinking and acting for themselves; that is when real growth can begin.

Here are 6 reflections that we of Iscantik embrace:

1. Stop asking what others think of you!

2. Stop pushing your agenda onto others!

3. Stop expecting others to adopt your beliefs!

4. Be prepared to question your own ideation!

5. Be prepared to listen and try to understand an opposing point of view!

6. Be prepared to open yourself to multiple truths!

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