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The concept of Truth has been debated in various schools of philosophy for thousands of years. 

Correspondence Theorists, Coherence Theorists, Pragmatists, Realists, Anti-Realists, Minimalists, and many more have all set out to determine the nature of Truth. Yet, each philosophical origin has a different viewpoint and/or methodology to its determination.

This is the basis of Truth for us.

Each individual has a different viewpoint and/or methodology for determining what their "Truth" is. 

Does a farmer in South Sudan have the same Truth about water as a New York City stock broker?

Would ancient Egyptians, Renaissance Italians, and modern Japanese all have the same "Truth" for honor, art, or even math?

The closest concept of Truth that we can reach is best expressed in the parable of the blind men and the elephant. 

Your experiences, your world leads you to your own relative truth.

"There are no facts, only interpretations"

Friedrich Nietzsche

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