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It has been said that certain things occur randomly: genetic mutations, a coin flip, lottery numbers.  

However, most "random" acts are just those that have results for which we lack the capability to predict.

This is a limitation of us and our understanding of what we experience, rather than the events themselves.

Even the most random seeming event must rely on some antecedent process.

The mother's lifestyle affects the baby's genetic makeup.

The weather, the weight, and the person all have a direct impact on the outcome of the coin flip.

Sophisticated computer software, or even the different in the amount of markings on a ping-pong ball, affects the results of the lottery.

What we must understand is that (our) actions today will inevitably and invariably result in certain events tomorrow.

The choice you made for breakfast;   

 leaving a place at 9:05 instead of 9:00;

saying "hello" instead of "hi" to an acquaintance.

Each of the instances, as insignificant as they may seem, could present you with an entirely different set of future choices and events, that may seem "random".

"Letting go of randomness is one of the hardest decisions a person can make"

Douglas Coupland

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